Apparitions by Noel Scanlon

Apparitions by Noel Scanlon
English | 2018 | Horror | ePUB | 255 KB

An island off the Irish coast – an island called Inishwrack.
A deserted island, but for the Druid remains at the top of a hill – the last sign of a population long dead.
It was to this island that “S” brought his eight young followers to set up a shrine to the Guru Pradavana. They turned the remaining broken cottages into roughly habitable buildings, and converted the disused church into a place of meditation.

And then Rosemary died. None of the other disciples knew why, nor why “S” had her burned on a funeral pyre. Or was Ursula right: had she merely been in a trance? Had she been burned alive?
And who controlled their lives? It began to seem as though the island itself had come alive, as though the recent horror had awakened something far worse, something evil..

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