Hearthfire by Emmie Mears

Hearthfire by Emmie Mears (Stonebreaker #1)
English | 2018 | Fantasy | ePUB | 2 MB

In the Hearthland, everyone has enough. Beyond that, everyone has plenty. Carin has never known hunger. All that stands between her and her future is the Journeying.
The Journeying is a rite of passage—all the villagers undertake it on the cusp of their eighteenth harvests. To Carin, her task is simple: Travel to the Hidden Glen with her three friends, find her name, come home, move on.
But when one of Carin’s friends is murdered the day she leaves for the Journeying, she will start to see through the simple veneer of her homeland’s bounty to where its roots drink deep—of blood.
All who journey are faced with choice.
All fires can both warm and burn.
All magic comes at a price.

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