Lost Tales of the Realms by J.T. Williams

Lost Tales of the Realms by J.T. Williams
English | 2018 | Fantasy | ePUB | 292 KB

The rallying call of the dwarven Hammersongs, the keen eye of a ranger seeking to save his family, and the gleam of the torchlight off the fangs of a vampire lord…
All of these and many other creatures, heroes, and villains, await you in this combined edition of the exciting Lost Tales of the Realms stories.
Embrace the characters from Half-Elf Chronicles, Saints of Wura, and Stormborn Saga in new and eye-opening ways… or learn about characters you have never met in some of the lesser known events in the timeline of the novels.

Included in this edition:
Ranger’s Folly
The Stranger’s Quest
The Dwarven Guardian
Wizard’s Trials

These are stories designed to be read no matter where you are in the larger and more expansive novels and are perfect for both veteran and new adventurers to the lands of dark epic fantasy author J.T. Williams.

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