Target Zero by Jack Patterson

Target Zero by Jack Patterson (Brady Hawk #5)
English | 2016 | Thriller | EPUB | 207 KB

As alliances begin to crumble, Firestorm agents Brady Hawk and Alex Duncan are requested to help a lone CIA operative thwart Al Hasib from getting their hands on Sarin gas at the Somalian port city of Berbera. The mission gets complicated when Emily Thornton re-enters the scene and tries to convince Hawk to join forces with Searchlight as secrets about Alex’s past come to light.
Meanwhile, Senator J.D. Blunt continues to live in a shroud of secrecy in Africa … until someone from his past threatens to expose Firestorm and kill him.
Hawk must decipher who to trust in order to succeed in this pulse-pounding thriller.

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  1. Any chance of posting the entire series?

  2. or at least 6,7,8? I have 1-5 but can’t find the rest. Thank you

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