The Darkest Deed by Solomon Carter

The Darkest Deed by Solomon Carter
English | 2018 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 470 KB

DI Hogarth and the team are called in to investigate the mysterious death of ageing soft porn star, Aimee Gillen. Gillen’s prolific drug use suggests an easy case – a simple overdose or accidental death – but Hogarth has serious misgivings. is the DI thinking straight? or has Hogarth’s private crisis finally taken its toll?
DC Simmons is back as the team are called to investigate a mysterious death at Harry King Studios. Soft porn actress Aimee Gillen was an unpopular figure at the studio, lonely and on her way out. Studio staff suggest Gillen had many reasons for choosing suicide – but Hogarth sees just as many clues point to murder. Why did Aimee Gillen abandon a line of cocaine just before she died? What caused the cracked tile outside the fatal sauna? And who were the mysterious friends Gillen wanted to help? Palmer and Simmons sense DI Hogarth is at risk of turning an easy case into quagmire. And the town’s VIPs soon turn against him.

In the hunt for justice Hogarth ruffles the feathers of the Police and Crime Commissioner. Politics and naked ambition get in the way of a clean investigation. There must be consequences. And as the trouble builds, Hogarth cannot find the evidence he needs. His credibility is soon called into question. But Hogarth scents a killer – and he won’t give up…
Hogarth must find one clue to blow the case wide open. If he can’t, the DI knows he will be finished. Meanwhile, his secret crisis takes a worrying twist. Hogarth is being watched. But how just many are watching?

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