The Dead Wolves by Dignam & Martinez

The Dead Wolves by Dignam & Martinez
English | 2017 | Fantasy | EPUB | 393 KB

Someone is abducting women from the streets of Ashwood. Tonight, vampires will fight vampires.
Cyanide doesn’t consider herself a mercenary, but when you get hired to run potentially dangerous missions usually concerning undesirable characters, that’s what you are. What she wants is to get the hell out of Ashwood – a rotting, lost cause of a city – but travelling across the country isn’t easy when you’re one of the undead. She needs money to make that happen, and if she wants to make enough of it to leave, she needs to run one last mission for her organization’s benefactor; she has to find out who’s abducting women from the streets, and why.
In order to do that, Cyanide needs to work with Neo – an at times frustrating, but alluring vampire – chasing down leads and finding clues in an attempt at figuring out how deep the well goes. But this whole thing runs deep and black, and at the bottom of it are secrets, treacheries, and dangers she couldn’t have imagined.
She has to find it within herself to persevere, because one of the girls who went missing is vitally important to her benefactor, and if she doesn’t find this lost lamb, she may be stuck in Ashwood for a long time.

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