True Evil by Julia Derek

True Evil by Julia Derek (Evil Trilogy #2)
English | 2018 | Psychological Thriller | ePUB | 300 KB

What would you do if your mother was a psychopath?
Shane Hanson’s mother Jennifer set him up for a double homicide when he was only 13 years old. She did it because she blames him for the death of Shane’s father, her one true love. After spending five years in juvie, he’s released on parole and determined to reveal the truth about his mother. In the meantime, he meets a girl he develops feelings for.

Jennifer is a psychopath so good at manipulating people that she has managed to get everyone to believe Shane killed two people that she’s killed. She never expected Shane to get such a soft sentence, but instead that he would remain in jail forever. Now she must start from scratch to get him back behind bars. To get her revenge right finally, she’ll use the girl Shane falls in love with, breaking his heart as much as his spirit.

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